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At The Schlueter Company, our promise is simple: High-quality products that meet your sanitary process needs--when you need it.  

That's it. While the details behind how we make it happen are more complex, the promise is simple.  

Let's start the conversation on how we can fulfill our promise.

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  • Personal relationships with friendly staff.
  • Open and honest, having integrity in all business dealings.
  • Highest quality products at fair prices.
  • Customer-centric business with quicker lead times and more customization available.
  • Prompt responses and always available to speak with.
Schlueter history

About the company:

For over 100 years, The Schlueter Company has manufactured many high quality products for farm, food and beverage plant and industrial applications. We are still committed to offering you the highest quality, most innovative technology and prompt service available.

Stainless steel requirements for dairy farm, dairy plant, food, beverage, brewery and other agricultural applications are our specialty. The Schlueter Company designs, engineers and manufactures:

  • Sanitary processing and cleaning equipment
  • CIP Tanks and COP Tanks
  • Inline Strainers
  • Rotary Drum Internal and External Strainers
  • Ultraviolet Air and UV Liquid systems
  • Dairy parlor stalls
  • Stainless steel milking receivers
  • Wash tanks
  • Milking units and components
  • Vast Dairy supplies and food processing equipment

And we've been doing this for over 100 years!

Our dedicated, family-owned leadership and nimble manufacturing team allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ quality, lead time and service expectations. And our Safgard food processing equipment and components are crafted to meet your sanitary process requirements. We continue to search the world over to offer the latest in technology with improved energy efficiency and lower prices.

So, if you are looking to sterilize, clean, rinse, blend, wash, scrub, handle and store - look no further. Schlueter is here to custom fabricate a solution for your process.

If you don’t find what you want here, send us your specifications for a prompt quote that will meet your dimensions, using the materials you need.

The schlueter company team in front of building

How It All Began


1919 – Schlueter Boiler Works is founded by Alfred W. Schlueter in Janesville, Wisc. to build and service boilers used in WI and IL cheese factories and milk condenseries.

1935 – The Grade A Milk Program mandates stainless wash tank in each farmer’s milk house. Schlueter begins manufacturing wash tanks other milk house accessories.

1940 – B.H. (Bud) Losching, son-in-law of Alfred, joins the company introducing new wash tanks and power brush washers for cleaning tubing used in dairy processing plants.

Schlueter boiler

How It All Began

WWII Brings Change


World War II – Milk used in WWII Service Camps must be processed in equipment washed with Schlueter washers, requiring 24-hour production.

1943 – The company's name is changed to The Schlueter Company. The adjoining property is purchased, expanding the manufacturing facility.

Schlueter boiller works

WWII Brings Change

A Business Boom

Schlueter 1959 fire breaks out

1950 – Dairy farm market for wash tanks increases. The Schlueter Company flourishes with both manufacturing and a distribution supply service to milking machine dealers and food processors.

1959 – A devastating fire breaks out at The Schlueter Company, gutting the second floor.

1960s – Bernard A. Losching, son of B.H. (Bud) Losching joins the company, and the company begins selling full-scale milking equipment and ventures into more dairy supplies.

1970 – The Schlueter Company purchases another adjoining property for expansion.

1970s – Brad W. and Holly J. Losching, brother and sister to Bernard, join the firm. Brad assumes marketing responsibilities.

Schlueter stainless dairy wash tank

A Business Boom

Air Filtration Subsidiary

enginaire-factory-photo1980 – Schlueter Company purchases the plant known as Decker Manufacturing, located in downtown Janesville. The company becomes American Farm Implement and Specialty, and Enginaire.

Early 1980s – With the many products providing vast dairy supplies, Brad and his brother search for parts to purchase and distribute through the company's Milking Equipment and Dairy Supply catalogs. The company expands into Ultraviolet air and water purification systems and wastewater separator screening applications.

The schlueter company american farm tool logo

Air Filtration Subsidiary

Expanding Reach: New Distribution Centers


Mid 1980s – The Schlueter Company meets growing demand opening distribution centers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and in Fresno, California.

1990s – Both Schlueter Company and Enginaire grow and expand. Enginaire manufactures engine filtration for commercial lawn mowers, wood-chippers, construction and ag machinery, and oil and gas and mining equipment. Schlueter continues dairy equipment expansion and Schlueter Plant Equipment develops Rotary Drum Screens for poultry, hog and beef plants.

Rotary drum strainer opened

Expanding Reach: New Distribution Centers

Family Legacy Continues

Stainless tanks

1993 – Brad Losching becomes President of The Schlueter Company.

2010 – Brad’s son, David Losching, joins the business in distribution and warehousing management.

2015 – Brad’s son, Mark Losching, Marketing Director, joins the business. Mark takes over the companies’ online presence and service and leads Enginaire's sales team.

2019 – A high tech, cow-friendly milking pulsation system called Calf 35 is marketed at Schlueter Company.

2022 – Schlueter continues to drive innovation and develop emerging technologies throughout the food, beverage, dairy and filtration industries.

The schlueter company mark with new equipment

Family Legacy Continues
The schlueter company building
Schlueter vision

Company vision
for the future:

The Schlueter Company has been a leader in stainless steel food and beverage processing and dairy equipment since 1919. We manufacture some of the highest quality sanitary stainless equipment for processors worldwide right here at our factories in Janesville, WI.

We continue to innovate into emerging markets with newly developed products targeted to newer markets including microbreweries, wineries, distilleries, cannabis as well as pharmaceuticals. We have taken some of our long-standing cleaning solutions and made them more portable and automated for these smaller operators. We also have developed new and exciting technologies for improving dairy farm milking operations with our Calf 35 and Surepulse pulsation systems that utilize compressed air as well as a lower vacuum level to provide cow comfort and fuller milking outputs plus a reduction in mastitis and improved somatic cell counts for milking farm operations.

We are now in the fourth generation of our family business and are as poised as ever to continue expanding and developing products for our loyal customer bases. 

The Safgard Sanitary Guard Guarantee

Making sure your process equipment is safe and sanitary every time. Guiding and guarding your business in the safest way.



Our 100 years of know-how and experience.



In the dairy food sector


4th generation family owned business.

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